Pozzos’ track record demands trust in their transfer policy

In the end, time will tell.

Time will tell whether moving on from several promotion-winning heroes was the way to go. Whether Gabriele Angella’s refusal to talk of the club he so passionately served is a warning sign. Whether Matej Vydra’s forlorn wave to the adoring travelling contingent at the Etihad was more than just a sign of appreciation. Whether a side-story exists to there being no official farewell to Daniel Tozser. Whether Fernando Forestieri’s tears were for a club who have gone one step too far in their ruthless pursuit of glory.

Time will tell whether the country’s fifth-highest net-spenders have discovered ground that no promoted team dare venture before. Whether the relentless search for new foreign gems was the fated route for a club which has hardly done it the conventional way. Whether brutality and heart-break is a soon-to-be-forgotten by-product of a regime which has the success of Watford Football Club at the heart of its every move.

The reconstruction of a squad which held a truly loving connection with its fan base, was always going to be hard to take. For many, to see Vydra and Troy Deeney attack Premier League defenders with the vigour they have shown in two of the last three years was the prize. To witness Almen Abdi sweeping forward on the counter-attack, Ikechi Anya galloping at twice the speed outside him, in the top tier was what we celebrated in Brighton back in April.

But ultimately, a change in division and a change in coaching staff bring yet more change.

Watford’s owners, the Pozzo family, haven’t got it wrong very often; Udinese qualified for Europe, Granada ended up in La Liga and little old Watford are in the Premier League.

Three years ago, a similar demolition of the playing squad produced famous consequences. Over three years, really not long for a club drowning in the Championship to turn up in the Premier League, they found the promotion-winning formula.

And we’d do well to remember the events of that summer.

Similar accusations of ripping the soul out of the squad, of ruining ‘everything’ good to do with the club, were thrown around. They hadn’t.

And it really is unlikely that the Pozzos have done so this time, either. Who’d have believed that Fernando Forestieri leaving Watford would bring a tear to your eye, when he became the 16th summer signing on 31st August 2012? Players move on and there’s every chance Victor Ibarbo will be our new hero by November.

Ultimately the owners are good at what they do. They targeted promotion within three years. Done it. Forgotten it. Moved on. What needs to be done to survive amongst the vultures?

A change in head coach, a change in playing style and, therefore, a change in feel… we were, after all, warned not to get too attached to players.

Who knows? If it all capitulates then perhaps we can turn around a point a finger. There’s no justification in doing so just yet, though. Time will tell.

And let’s remember, we wanted to be in this league. This is the reward. And we’ve been led there by an Italian family who, by and large, have known exactly what they are doing.

Nothing’s really gone wrong yet… surely they’ve earned our trust again?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. I would agree and go further. Even if the strategy fails and we get relegated we shouldn’t forget that before the Pozzo,s we were on the brink of admin and had a playing squad that was struggling to stay in the championship. They have invested massively in the club, and as long as the Pozzo,s stay committed will always have my support. The Pozzo,s have been ruthless around certain players e.g Vydra, but it’s. 2 way street as Vydra forced a move away from WFC a few years ago when his stock was higher.

  2. I would agree and go further. Even if the strategy fails and we get relegated we shouldn’t forget that before the Pozzo,s we were on the brink of admin and had a playing squad that was struggling to stay in the championship. They have invested massively in the club, and as long as the Pozzo,s stay committed will always have my support.

  3. I completely agree with you on this. This is what every Watford fan wanted, wasn’t it? I personally, was looking forward to seeing Fessi turn defenders inside out, Vydra exploit slower defenders with a sharp turn of pace and wasnted Angella V Costa round 2. It shows how together we all were last season with how upset we are with a lot of the players that got us there now no longer with us. But time is a healer, and if we survive relegation this year, i’m sure we could do a Swansea or Stoke and stay in the Prem for a good few years yet!

  4. My issue is that many of last seasons squad were/are good enough to keep us up and the same belief and positive team spirit that helped us up and could have been a massive advantage is now almost non-existentent… so the calibre of incoming player feels a bit irrelevant and pointless.

    A few quality additions (Geddy, Nyom, Capoue, Prodl, Holebas?) and I think we would have already been in a better position than we are now – against Southampton the lack of belief was shocking and they were there for the taking.

    The value of that spirit from last season looks like it was lost on the Pozzos and it’s a shame as it can be the difference sometimes in this league – Palace have used it numerous times against big boy opposition. Not to say it’s been an awful start and there’s not time for it to get better…it probably will – just a shame as bar Everton we haven’t looked half as dangerous or hungry as our promotion winning team and we’re only 4 games in.

  5. Agree with most of this but find the treatment of Vydra very strange. Much better finisher than the others and the paciest. Took a long time to get him signed. Accept the change of formation etc but when we play a second striker he doesn’t seem to have permission to go in front of Deeney for head ons etc which really restricts our options. Surely worth keeping him. Other departures are sad but inevitable progress.

  6. Spirit, togetherness, loyalty – Bullshit. This is business worth hundreds of millions to each and every club including TV and other income.

    The Pozzo’s see Watford FC as their cash cow funding their short, medium and long term plans and they can only achieve this with the team in the Premier League.

    They cannot afford to take chances that the guys who did a tremondous job getting to the PL can stay there. They need to virtually guarantee it.

    Strength in depth – look at Bournemouth – both Mings and Gradel out for some time – they are left with the same. I bet Eddie Howe has some concerns.

    Watford FC has not changed. It has evolved like most of the other PL teams – albeit perhaps a bit quicker – however we need to to ensure we are a PL regular and not simply a yo-yo club, or worse – look at Blackpool, Portsmouth, Wigan.

    Loyalty is one thing. Establishing Watford FC as Premier League team is another.

    In the Pozzo’s we trust.

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